Presentation Materials

This page is where I will place presentations that I offer to SQL Saturday events and User groups meetings.  Please feel free to download and use for your own purposes.  All is ask is that you give proper credit.

Introduction to Azure Data Studio

This sessions gives a high level overview of Azure Data Studio. This includes information about some useful extensions.

To download, click here: Introduction To Azure Data Studio

How to do a Complete SQL Server Assessment

This session shows how to do a complete server assessment, including configuration, security and performance assessments

To download, click here: How to do a SQL Server Assessment

Data Types – What do I need to know about them

This session is a high level over view of the various data types used by SQL Server.

To download, click here: Data Types

Is My Server Having Memory Pressure

This session will go over how to use DMVs to review current memory usage allowing the viewer to determine quickly if the server is experiencing memory pressure.  The download includes both the presentation and the sample code.

To download, click here: Is My SQL Server having Memory Pressure

                  NESQL User Group: Does My SQL Server have Memory Pressure

Extended Events

This session focuses on how to create Extended Event sessions and how to use them to find performance problems.  This session was presented at a number of SQL Saturday events, including Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, Iowa City, Madison, Boston and Indianapolis.  All in 2018.

Presentation: Click Here

Demo Code: Click Here

SQL Server Statistics

The focus of this session is to go over the basics of SQL Server statistics, how to find information about them and the importance of keeping them up to date.  Variations of this session has been presented at a number of SQL Saturdays and User Groups.

Presentation and Sample Code: Click Here

Execution Plans

This session was one I really enjoyed presenting.  The primary goal of this session is to expose the learner to the various aspects of an execution plan as well how to read them.

Presentation: Click Here

Demo Code: Click Here 

SSAS Overview

SQL Server Analysis Services can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has never used it before.  This session is intended to help make learning the basics of SSAS. Over the last few years, this sessions was presented several times a SQL Saturday events.

Presentation: Click Here

Sample Code: Click Here

SQL Server Change Data Capture

This is from my first SQL Saturday presentation in Indy in 2014.  It offers a high level overview of why to use CDC, how to set it up and to read the CDC data.

Presentation: Click Here

SQL Server Performance Pre-Con

This session is the all day Pre-Con that give a high level overview of SQL  Server tools that can be used to find performance bottlenecks.

Presentation and Sample Code: Click Here

Presentation from Sioux Falls Pre-Con: Click Here

SQL Server Management Studio Options

This session focuses on some of the many settings that can be found in SQL Server Management studio.

Presentation and Sample Code: Click Here