SQL Server User Groups

With the demise of PASS, a central location to find user groups is a bit more challenging.  While I am sure something will eventually replace PASS, I thought I would post the links to the new locations for the user groups I have either spoken at or attend periodically.  As I get more links I will add them.


CincyPASS – Cincinnati SQL Server Users Group

Cincinnati, OH
461 Members

CincyPASS is a user group dedicated to enhancing careers of SQL Server (and related technologies too!) professionals through networking and learning. CincyPASS is a PASS affil…

Next Meetup

Using ACI to Convert a Backup to a BACPAC for Import into Az…

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021, 5:45 PM
8 Attending

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Louisville Data Technology Group

Louisville, KY
374 Members

Our group is generally made up of folks that hail from the Derby City and surrounding Ohio River Valley area, who all have a passion for Microsoft SQL Server and the technolog…

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Chicago Data Professionals(Downtown User group)

Chicago Data Professionals

Chicago, IL
69 Members

Welcome Chicago Data Professionals! We are an online and in-person group that hosts like speaking events on a range of topics related, but not limited to, Microsoft Azure Data…

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HADR Virtual group(Formally PASS Virtual Group)


Lincoln User Group



Quad City PASS Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server) Users

Davenport, IA
129 Microsoft Data Platform users

Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server, Analysis Server, Integration Services, Reporting Services, etc.) users who meet in person every month for networking and an educational pr…

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Ohio North User Group


Kansas City

Kansas City SQL Server Users Group

Kansas City, MO
46 Members

Continuing the education of the Kansas City SQL Server users group.  This meetup is currently promoting the same meeting as https:// kansascity.pass.org, and may eventually re…

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Fox Valley Data Platform(Appleton, WI)