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Extended Events

Anatomy of a Select

Change Font XEvent Profiler Processing Order – Part 1

SSMS Options – Part 1

SSMS Options – Part 2

Where are the events for Extended Events stored in the system tables

Create Database Event, When does it fire?

Database Restore and Extended Events

SELECT – Part 2

FROM – Part 3

JOINS – Part 4

  Searching for Events  
  Capture the Deadlock Graph  
  Max Dispatch Latency GROUP BY\HAVING – Part 5


Options Greyed Out

WHERE – Part 6


Extended Events and Execution Plans

Using Extended Events to Capture Failed Logins

SSMS Extended Events Filters

File Rollover and Max Size File Target Options


Azure DB

Azure Architecture

Azure Performance

Create an Azure SQL Database

Move Existing DB to Azure SQL DB

Query Editor for Azure SQL Database

Azure Data DTUs

Azure Storage Explorer Lease

Add a Dashboard to the Azure Portal

Azure SQL Database Connections works in SSMS but not with Azure Data Factory Connection

Azure Budgets

How to create a Metrics Report

Read Extended Events Files in Azure Storage Account


SQL Agent


Live Query Execution Plans Missing Job Step Type Get Statistics Info
MDOP vs Cost Threshold for Parallelism   Did the System Create the Stats
Trace Flags: Global vs Session   Optimize for Ad Hoc Workloads
sp_helptext   dm_os_performance_counters and PIVOT
Disabled Database user?   Collecting Execution Plans

Azure SQL DB and @@version

Deadlock Detection Interval

Check for Pending Restart

Is a Restart needed Due to Server Property Changes



General Topics


I am waiting…… Lessons Learned about Blogging Operand Type Clash: Error 206
Table Variable and ROLLBACK    

Pivot and Column Names



Azure Data Studo

Introduction to Azure Data Studio

Azure Data Studio – The Explain Button

Agent Job management Using Azure Data Studio

ADS: SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension

ADS: SSMS Keymap

ADS: Search Extensions

ADS: Server Reports

ADS: Change Tab Color

ADS: Creating Server Groups

ADS: PoorSQL Extension

ADS: Keyboard Shortcuts

ADS: SQL Server Profiler Extension