Complete a Server Assessment – Alert Information

Below you will find the code for information about the Alerts.  Simply select the text and copy to the Clipboard.

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  name AS ‘AlertName’
, event_source AS ‘EventSource’
, enabled AS Enabled’
, message_id AS ‘MessageID’
, severity AS ‘Serverity’
, has_notification AS ‘HasNotification’
, delay_between_responses AS ‘DelayBetweenResponses’
, occurrence_count AS ‘OccuranceCount’
, CASE WHEN last_occurrence_date > 0
THEN SUBSTRING(CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),  last_occurrence_date),5,2)+ ‘/’
+ RIGHT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(20), last_occurrence_date), 2) + ‘/’
+ LEFT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(20), last_occurrence_date), 4)
ELSE ’01/01/1900′ END
AS ‘LastOccuranceDate’
, last_occurrence_time AS ‘LastOccuranceTime’
, database_name
, performance_condition
FROM msdb.dbo.sysalerts
ORDER BY AlertName

This code was written using the Microsoft SQL Server documentation.  If you find that this code was copied from else where, please let me know so I can remove it or give proper credit.